Learn to relax your muscles

Massage is a very effective form of treatment for physical gain
And mental health. Read here about regular massage, Facial massage, depth massage And the beneficial effects of the massage At the bottom of the page we refer to some opinions From our clients and how to book a massage time and the best to do.
Depth: Each cell / muscle contains emotions, experiences, trauma, memory And knowledge of what has happened in our lives. When we are exposed to experiences that have been more or less painful,
We span the body’s muscles and the experience is stored in the muscle group. At depth massage
There is a redemption for this storage without the need to relive the trauma.

The redemption is emotional and allows to escape old trauma,
Conscious as unconscious and moving on in a more positive way.
Depth massage or using a massage chair see here – as it is in the word – is extremely deep both physically and mentally
And it is therefore important that trust and trust be established between the client and the therapist,
As there is a great opportunity for the client to experience – and to live through
– many different feelings. All clients will be alerted to this,

And it will keep an eye on the client’s reactions throughout the course.
At depth massage, man-piece works for the whole body through and
One treatment lasts approx. 1½ hours incl. conversation. As you get the most out of itx
Throughout the whole body, a treatment will typically span 8 to 10 times.
There must not be more than max. 14 days between each treatment and sometimes
It will be appropriate for 2 treatments in one week.
In connection with the treatment, a body reading is also made, which tells
Something about the client’s attitude eg. Shrugs give rise to uncertainty,
As well as unnecessarily relieves the back. You learn to relax the muscles,
Thereby restoring its natural posture and radiance
Free in his movements.

Alm. Massage:
Well-executed professional massage provides incredible physical and mental well-being.
Many people are too inactive. Muscular tension and negative occur
Stress symptoms such as lack of energy, too little or too much appetite,
Sleep problems, bad mood and poor well-being.
Processing of the muscles and stimulation of the tissue helps to eradicate
System and remove toxic waste. In addition, greater mobility is achieved
In the body and its joints. Body and soul belong together, and bodywork
Provides well-being, life energy and positive emotional activity.
Massage compensates for the harmful effects of sedentary work, stress
And loads or physical inactivity provides. The physical well-being is contagious
Get rid of the daily function and the result of massage is not only a better one
Physical form, but also an increased self-respect.
Below is a list of what massage is good for:
– Prevents and corrects infiltrations
– Solves strained muscles
– Increases blood circulation
– Relieves tension headache
– Suppresses pain in the neck and shoulders
– contributes to mental and physical well-being
– Helps injuries
– Removes fluid collections in the body
– Relief constipation
– Improve breathing patter

You do not have to suffer from anything to go to a masseur. That’s a good way

To pamper themselves and prevent maladministration before they occur.
Facial massage:
Facial massage prevents wrinkles and skin aging. It’s decisive, Depressing, soothing.