Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Review

Barnett Wildcat C5

What’s in the Box?
The Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow
Three (3) 20-inch arrows with included field points
Quiver with mount
A foot stirrup
String wax
Three (3) dot scope
Owner’s manual
Warranty card
Assembly hardware including all the bolts and hex keys needed

Considered to be the best compound crossbow created by Barnett, the WIldcat C5 is perfect for target practice and hunting, capable of bringing down any small game to deers, elks, moose, and even bears (with the proper strategy and some luck).
A fast crossbow, the Wildcat C5 can fire arrows at the speed of 320 feet per seconds and has a draw weight of 150lbs, one downside of the Wildcat C5 barnett bcx is that it doesn’t include a rope cocking device so you may need to purchase one separately, although you can get away with not using one, having a rope cocking device makes it easier for you to use your crossbow with ease.
Also, make sure you set the safety on after you have cocked the WIldcat C5 as to avoid injuring yourself and others.
The Power of the Wildcat C5
Although the Wildcat C5 was initially designed for hunting, you may also use it for target practice for tournaments and the like.
The WIldcat C5 is a compound crossbow and unlike recurve crossbows, compounds tend to be quieter, well it’s not definitely a whisper but it’s quiet enough for you not to use anything to dampen the noise.

The Wildcat C5 is more balanced than other crossbows, it’s not too heavy or it’s not too lightweight, you won’t be in pain by carrying it around with you all day long; the WIldcat C5 is definitely worth your money and time.
SInce the Wildcat C5 is a balanced crossbow, accuracy and power isn’t compromised, this crossbow has both in fact

On to the flaw of the Wildcat C5, although you can use the scope to sight, it isn’t very consistent, meaning you have to keep re-adjusting the windage and elevation to maintain its accuracy, you may want to change to a better scope such as the Barnett 4x32mm scope or anything similar as long as it’s compatible with the Wildcat C5.
The three 20-inch arrows included in the package work well for hunting and target practice, you may opt to use 22-inch for hunting if you have any but remember to check your owner’s manual or call up your manufacturer to make sure the arrows your plan to use are compatible with your crossbow.

The Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow has a good build, it was designed with safety and comfort in mind, it’s durable and very comfortable to use, the trigger doesn’t require much pressure to be used and you the shot is pretty quiet; making your game surprised when it gets hit.
And since it was manufactured using GAM (gas assisted moulding) and made by a brand with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, you’ll be assured of the quality of your crossbow.